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Trump Made It Harder For Any Future US Government To Confer With Iran

The U.S. President Donald Trump I recent time designated an influential branch of Iranian state military as a terrorist group, snapping up already anxious relations amid Tehran and Washington. As per to Emily Hawthorne—analyst at a geopolitical intelligence company Strsatfor—said, “However, that move “forms another knot of legislation” that both nations would take years to get through from this. While speaking to CNBC, she said that Trump’s unremarkable step would make future conciliations with Iran “quite difficult.” Hawthorne said, “If the future US administration needs to negotiate with Iran or discuss with Iran’s military at all, they are going to have to take the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) out of this list. Otherwise, they will be strictly negotiating with an activist organization.”

Set up following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the IRGC is the privileged safety division of Iran’s armed services. It has an important influence in Iran’s economy, military, and political system. The recent decision—which is set to formally be in action from April 15—marks the first instance the U.S. DOS (Department of State) has ever designated a country’s state military as an activist organization and adds another coating of sanctions on Iran. In a White House statement released recently, Trump said, “The IRGC is Iran’s administration’s main means of expressing and implementing its worldwide terrorist campaign.”

Speaking of the U.S.-Iran relations, recently, in a statement it was stated that flood-hit Iran is receiving no financial help from overseas owing to the U.S. sanctions. The U.S. sanctions have avoided the IRCS’s (Iranian Red Crescent Society) from getting any overseas financial aid to help victims of the flooding that has reported fatality of minimum 70 people and swamped some 1,900 communities, the group asserted.

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