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Virtual Reality Provides Benefits To Patients Having Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists are reporting untimely success with a novel tool to assist individuals having Parkinson’s disease in improving their balance and potentially reduce falls with high-technology help that is virtual reality. After implementing with a virtual reality system for 6 Weeks, people having Parkinson’s disease showed improvement in obstacle negotiation and balance with more confidence while navigating around obstacles in their path. For several people having Parkinson’s disease, the easy act of walking in the house or neighborhood can be a tricky undertaking. The muscle movement problems induced by the disease lowers a person’s ROM (range of motion) and harm balance, mostly leading to injuries and falls.

To help patients in managing these challenges, scientists formed a virtual reality training arrangement that provides patients with a safe space to work on their balance and muscle control. Patients could walk on a treadmill at the same time as stepping over virtual objects that seem before them. K. Bo Foreman—Associate Professor at the University of Utah—said, “The primary benefit is that they can bump into several obstacles and territories while a safe environment is sustained utilizing equipment like a fall restraint tether.

On a similar note, recently, a startup released AI (artificial intelligence) application to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Lookinglass, a South Australia-based startup—at UniSA’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre was released in a recent time that is an AI web application that can detect untimely Parkinson’s disease. The users simply have to upload a video recording and while it is uploaded, the computer vision system concurrently utilizes AI to monitor movement and correlates it with known Parkinson’s signs and symptoms. Later, a report is generated almost instantly. CEO Kelly Carpenter said, “The problem for occupational physicians is in the ability to distantly assess patient’s movement using manual techniques. But, this solution will aid them a lot.”

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