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New Prototype Accurately Forecasts Harmful Space Weather

A new space weather replica consistently forecasts space storms of higher energy particles that are destructive to several spacecraft and satellites orbiting in the outer radiation belt of Earth. The study was published in the journal Space Weather. The study details how the prototype can precisely give a 1-Day caution before a space storm of particularly high-speed electrons, mostly indicated as “killer” electrons since the damage they cause to spacecraft such as communications, navigation, and weather monitoring satellites. Seemingly, this is the first instance scientists have successfully forecasted those killer electrons in the whole outer belt region.

Yue Chen—Lead Author of the study and Space Scientist at LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory)—said, “Society’s increasing dependency on modern-technology infrastructures made us susceptible to space weather risks. If our communications satellites or GPS fail, it might have broad-reaching and negative effects on everything ranging from air travel to bank transactions. Therefore, to precisely predict space weather was a purpose for a long time. This replica is a strong step to do that.” On the Earth’s equator, the external radiation belt—known as the outer Van Allen belt—starts around 8,000 Miles on top of the Earth and finishes beyond 30,000 Miles. The high-energy and high-speed electrons inside this belt are recognized for their high inconsistency, particularly during solar storms, when novel particles from the sun go into the Earth’s space surroundings making them quite difficult to predict.

On a similar note, recently, in a groundbreaking effort, seismology investigators conducted a continent-scale examination for seismic indications of industrial motion in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) commercial cloud and then quickly downloaded the outcomes without storing raw information or requiring a local supercomputer. Jonathan MacCarthy—of LANL—said, “Utilizing a conventional workflow, to download store calculate on the desktop, this work would have taken over 40 Days to do. But, by using the cloud service, it just took 7 Hours.”

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