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Google Play Store Has An Issue With Violent Games Created For Children

The issues of Google with disturbing child-aimed content expand further than YouTube. The media has discovered a number of Android applications on the Play Store that were rated as secure for children, but showed gruesome material. Baby Panda Dental Care had you extracting teeth in a fairly graphic method, while Mad Max Zombies was given PEGI 3 rating but had you gunning with plenty of blood down the undead. In addition to this, there were pay-to-play apps and slot machines with dubious employment of device permissions and location tracking.

Out of 52 games media sent to the firm, 16 have either been eliminated absolutely or re-launched with more appropriate permissions and ratings. Mad Max Zombies is now the given the PEGI 12 rating, for example. On the other hand, it is not obvious just how many other games have gone unchanged, and some offenders have more than 100,000 downloads.

The attendance of the disconcerting content might come down to particular approach by Google for ratings of app content. While it is employing the same content survey as the Microsoft Store on Xbox and eShop by Nintendo (Apple has its own rating system and survey), it does not really screen titles in a manner those firms do.

On a related note, as much as Google has conducted to keep virus out of its store, some notable instances avoid it. Google has removed 210 applications from the Play Store after scientists found that they were impacted with the same adware. Dubbed as “SimBad” on the basis of the abundance of impacted simulator titles, the code concealed in an ad-serving bogus service and generated a back door that can users to scam websites, download rogue apps, and show other applications in stores. Check Point thinks that the developers of the apps were tricked into employing the service.

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