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NASA In Need Of Additional Funds To Send Human To The Moon

Alarming situations related to global warming and the rising population on earth has created a need for finding a new planet suitable for human living. NASA and many other space agencies are have been continuously working on the mission to save future generations and provide the solution at the earliest. However, traveling to another planet, finding if the land and atmosphere there is suitable for a living is not an easy task. It involves a lot of factors and risks.

On similar lines, NASA has recently made an announcement that it needs more funds, around $ 6 to $ 8 billion each year to send a human to the moon by 2024. This money will be used to accelerate the program including Space Launch System rocket, designing, and construction of lunar lander, construct elements of the Lunar Gateway and in designing of suitable spacesuits.

NASA has also revised its plan which involves the launch of a small Lunar Gateway similar to the space station on a rocket by 2024, followed by the staging of elements at the lander through private rockets. Furthermore, to a lunar outpost, a Space Launch System rocket was to fly which will get descended to the surface from there and return. This mission would use the government’s commercial boosters and large SLS rocket.

On the other hand, some officials have doubts about the overall approach of the mission and the revised budget. Phill Larson, a person involved in space policy during the presidency of Obama, believes that the agency needs to look for innovative ways to complete the mission instead of changing the budget. The president has not approved the new budget, instead, an additional $1.6 billion would be paid to NASA for speeding up of the lunar program. Political changes till 2020 do not guarantee approval of the budget.

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