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NASA Plans To Reuse The Same Falcon 9 For The Third Time

Recently, the Falcon 9 rocket has liftoff on time from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, flying into the night sky and putting the Cargo Dragon spacecraft into an expected orbit. Cargo Dragon positioned its solar panels and starts its progress towards the International Space Station just after 12 minutes of its liftoff. Cargo Dragon is expected to reach the International Space Station on Sunday.

In the meantime, Falcon 9’s first stage came back to the drone-ship, named “Of Course I Still Love You” and has landed 28km downrange from the liftoff site. The night landing arrangement was however observable and the views caught from the infrared camera looked quite spectacular. All through the post-launch news conference for the SpaceX’s mission to the International Space Station which is the company’s overall 17th mission, Kenny Todd, the lab’s Operations Integration Manager enlightened the intelligent behind the scrub of the rocket liftoff which was 24 hours prior. The company had stated that the take-off was scrubbed due to an electrical problem with the drone-ship, which came back to the dock recently and then instantly directed back out to sea for the earliest stage landing.

Todd added that when SpaceX’s went through the countdown, the associated team was functioning hard and there was a lot happening there and he has applauded the team for dealing with everything that was popping up on the screen. He added that there was a lot of exchange on the loops when you are concerning about the wind, weather and the issues with the spacecraft like the leaking of helium. The helium leakage had happened with ground-based gear. As per the company, the team was observing the leakage in the stream to helium on the rocket but perhaps might have worked through the matter. Engineers would not have recognized for sure till the last minutes of the liftoff though. According to the officials of NASA, the agency is planning to reuse this booster for the third time.

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