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Fiat Chrysler To Join Renault In Order To Survive Modifying Car Segment

Fiat Chrysler has not been on the cutting horizon of automotive modification as of late. Until you count concepts such as the Centoventi, the firm has not done much with electric vehicles. And its support for autonomy most of the times comprises offering minivans to Waymo. The auto manufacturer may make a massive deal that can get it ready for the future, although. Media sources have stated that Fiat Chrysler is in enhanced discussions to make “huge ties” with Renault to assist it deal with a changing sector. It may even join the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi coalition soon, even though the sources cautioned that nothing was fixed at this moment.

The two sides have already been discussing about sharing car services, the media claimed, even though it heard that the talks are far enough along that they have gone “further than just sharing the tech.” Renault and Fiat Chrysler have refused to answer media questions.

An agreement might have noteworthy ramifications for both the tech in Renault’s overall reach and Fiat Chrysler’s cars. Fiat Chrysler can borrow hybrid and EV services from its new associate, assisting it keep up with a sector where EVs can swiftly turn out to be the norm. It may also have access to extra resources for autonomous driving, not to mention mobility platforms that can assist it deal with a drop in car ownership.

On a related note, regulations related to environment can make bizarre bedfellows, it appears. The media earlier learned that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will give Tesla a huge amount (exact figures are not available) to pool Tesla’s vehicles with its personal portfolio and stop penalties for breaching stringent EU emissions regulations next year. The decision can assist FCA meet the CO2 emissions target by EU of 95g per kilometer by reducing its standard from a higher-than-normal 123g.

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