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The Quest To Become Handsome Studs Can Affect Fertility In Men

An evolutionary paradox has been discovered by scientists that state that men who put in efforts for making themselves seem more attractive affect their abilities to have kids. Consumption of steroids for better physique or pills for combating baldness damages fertility. The paradox has been named Mossman-Pacey paradox after scientists who uncovered it first. They stated that this condition leads to disruptions in relationships between couples that are struggling to conceive. Dr. James Mossman of Brown University first linked fertility damage with steroid abuse.

Anabolic steroids act in the same way as testosterone hormone in male bodies does. These are used for the purpose of performance enhancement for increasing growth of muscles and are used regularly by bodybuilders. Professor Allan Pacey of Sheffield University pointed out the irony of the situation by saying how men devoting time and efforts into improving their physical and outer appearances inadvertently end up decreasing their fertility.

Anabolic steroids trick the pituitary gland of the human brain into thinking that testes, present in males, are going into overdrive. Hence, the glands respond by shutting down production of a couple of hormones, them being the LH and the FSH hormones. These two hormones are the most important ones responsible for sperm production in men. Research also found a similar theme in men who are using pills and medication for prevention of male pattern baldness. Finasteride drug alters the metabolism process of testosterone in the body, leading to restricted and limited hair loss. But the drug has side effects such as a hit to fertility and erectile dysfunction. Prof Pacey pointed out how sale of drugs that prevent baldness in men has risen greatly, worsening the scenario.

Success or failure in evolutionary terms is measured by seeing gene passing to future generations. Dr. Mossman stated how vanity-based pills and medicines might make one an ‘evolutionary dud’ and attractive simultaneously. In the animal kingdom, certain species of birds sacrifice their breeding abilities and perform co-operative breeding, in order to help raise descendants of closely-related relatives.

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