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A New Fungi Could Help Australia Become A Gold Mining Nation

A new type of fungus that covers itself with gold nanoparticles by absorbing it from the deposits present underneath the surface has been discovered by the Australian scientists. This discovery is believed to become the potential benefiter for the miners who are trying to figure out the massive gold deposits that are hiding below the ground surface. According to Geomicrobiologist Tsing Bohu of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the fungus that is currently the key propeller of mineral bioweathering has the ability to commence the gold oxidation underneath the surface atmosphere. And the surface conditions do play a significant role in the dissolved gold species creation and circulation.

The Fusarium oxysporum fungus is a peculiar strain that appears to be fluffy pink with the gold nanoparticles attached on most of its surface. This fungus found in Boddington that is Western Australia has the fungi oxidizing measly gold particles followed by its precipitation on to its strands. With the help of this cyclic process, the gold and other elements distribution on the surface of the Earth can be very well understood. The current study commenced when the researchers were studying the microbes present in the gold-rich soil of Western Australia.

The most exciting feature of this fungus is its ability to dissolve gold particles using a chemical named superoxide. After the dissolution process, the fungus absorbs the metal back in its earlier solid state. The precipitation of gold on the surface of the fungus is due to the chemical inactivity of gold that makes this new discovery completely unusual. The research team is currently studying the fungus in detail using the exploration tools so as to help reach the industry target. Australians will no longer have to travel in search of gold, all thanks to the fungi. According to the S&P Global Market Intelligence report, the Australian gold outputs were found to be declining in the coming 5 Years. Now, it is approximated to put the mining nation in the 4th position by 2024.

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