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Addiction Messages Affect On Substance Users’ Decision To Seek Help

Study reveals that individuals with substance-use issues who read a message defining addiction as a disorder are less probable to report needing to engage in effectual treatments, in comparison to those who read that addiction habits are conditional to change. The result can tell future interpersonal and public communication efforts related to addiction.

“When we started talking about addiction as a disorder, the objective was to encourage treatment and lower stigma,” claims coauthor of a study and an associate professor at North Carolina State University for psychology, Sarah Desmarais, to the media in an interview. “That worked, to a level, but an unexpected byproduct was that some individuals undergoing addiction felt like they had less agency; people with disorders have no management over them.”

“We needed to see if an opposite message targeted at modifying that mindset can impact how individuals with substance-employment issues saw themselves with reference to addiction,” claims first author of the study and an associate professor at NC State for psychology, Jeni Burnette, to the media.

On a related note, earlier Dr. Stephanie McGrath described her findings from a pilot research as promising and exciting. The study was done to assess the employment of CBD, or cannabidiol, for dogs suffering from epilepsy. Being a neurologist at James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University, McGrath led a small research with 16 pet dogs to evaluate the short-term impact of CBD on frequency of seizure.

On the basis of her research, McGrath discovered that 89% of dogs who got CBD in the clinical test had a decrement in the amounts of seizures. Almost 9 dogs were cured with CBD, while 7 in a control team were cured with a placebo. The study took place between 2016 and 2017, and outcomes are posted in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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