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YouTube Gaming App To Shut Down Soon In A Bid To Shift Users

The separate YouTube Gaming app is closing down this week. YouTube declared the imminent close down in 2018, claiming that the spinoff had led to “confusion” amongst gaming fans. It incorporated the service into its primary app rather, rolling out a games-based center that has already mostly restored the earlier YouTube Gaming.

YouTube in a help page directs any remaining fans of YouTube Gaming to this newer center. It has also combined YouTube Gaming and YouTube subscriptions, even though people will actually lose the list of titles they have saved. “We rolled out YouTube Gaming as a separate app for users where we tried out new functions on the basis of the feedback from gaming community,” the page claims. “We need to carry on building a more solid home for the gaming society that thrives on YouTube.”

YouTube Gaming was rolled out in 2015. YouTube marketed it as a method to keep unrelated content away from gaming fans and enhance the live stream experience, apart from being a testbed for functions such as a dark mode and channel memberships. But as per the firm, most consumers still saw gaming videos on the main application, and many did not even understand what YouTube Gaming was for. Its best functions later arrived to the core service—where far more users actually viewed them.

On a related note, earlier YouTube gaming channel for Machinima essentially vanished from the web, as most clips on the website have been set to unplayable and private. Neither video developers nor consumers of the channel were alerted, the media reported, so the headline was more of a shock around the streaming and gaming communities. “Wow, they lastly went ahead and removed everything we have done,” posted @RickyFTW, aka Ricky Hayberg, on Twitter earlier responding to the news.

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