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YouTube Is Altering How Subscriber Counts Are Shown, Changing Its Culture

YouTube is launching a major modification to the way real-time users counts are shown, which can avoid analytics websites such as Social Blade from actively showing whether creators are expanding—or, more essentially, losing—users.

Rather than seeing exact subscriber count of a YouTuber (for instance, 10,500,000), users will now see a straight 10 Million. This might not appear like a major modification for users who are not invested in the chaotic lives of YouTube developers, but for a culture dependent on active user counts as a method of proving who is losing or winning when drama takes place, real-time user counts are essential.

A blog post from product team of YouTube acknowledges that “user counts are very important for developers,” claiming that the modification is being added to “make more constancy all over the platform.” Some channels already have this display feature, but product team of YouTube needs to make it more consistent.

A spokesperson of the firm verified to the media that websites that are reliant on API Services by YouTube “will upgrade at the same rate as the other surfaces.” That comprises sites such as Social Blade, which declared on Twitter that YouTube’s changes “may impact our info display.” CEO of Social Blade, Jason Urgo, claimed to the media that the firm has spoken to YouTube and are waiting for response.

On a related note, if YouTube Music is going to completely restore Google Play Music, it will require to manage many of the functions that users undervalue. And now, local playback is one of those features. After an initial launch for some consumers, Android app for YouTube Music now supports locally-amassed songs for most (if not essentially all) consumers in a “Device Files” segment. You may not have to be concerned about missing out on a difficult-to-find music just because you need one app to manage both your streaming and local music collections.

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