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2019 iPhone Features That Will Be The Cause Of Envy To Android Users

In a recent event, the latest operating system of Apple, iOS 13 was showcased and it is being slated as the most important performance by Apple ever, as far as operating systems are concerned. Android Q is also on the verge of launch, so it is only appropriate that a comparison is made about what an Android user will tend to lose if it does not utilize the changes in the upcoming iOS effectively.

The new OS is going to offer some promising features. It will have an in-built application for editing videos without downloading something separate for it, like applying different filters and making changes in the orientation. Also improvement of the picture quality in low light and also the ability to reduce the noise associated with the picture manually.

Similar to Sign-in with Google, a new feature called Sign-in with Apple is going to be introduced and random email addresses will be created every time the feature is used. Thus, security will be looked after.

Apple scores more points than Android here as it is going to introduce the feature of allowing users to selectively block certain applications and is going to be similar to ‘Screen time’ with better implications.

If you are unable to locate your other Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone, you can use the new feature to track them even if the device is offline. The text messages by Apple which was not backed up all this while is going to be so with the advent of iOS 13.

While typing messages in the native application in Apple devices, suggestions will come for users for the next words which will reduce the time taken for texting. The calls coming from sources which are not defined will get silenced automatically. The introduction of memoji supported by Apple has definitely added to the credibility of iOS 13.Thus, the competition between iOS 13 and Android Q has heated up.

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