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Low Level Inflammation Of Brain, Possible Reason For Lack Of Motivation

In the medical field, it is a well-known fact that there is a connection between inflammation and depression. Back in 2017, scientists had conducted a research in which they took 14 people as participants and studied their brain markers for immune response. All of those participants were suffering from depression, ranging from moderate to severe. The report clearly stated that patients who are suffering from brain inflammation are more prone to suicidal thoughts.

Contrary to this, researchers have come up with alternative research report in which they had stated that low inflammation in the brain makes a person prone to low degree of motivation. Scientists stated that lower inflammation rate cuts back the level of dopamine which plays a great role in reward circuit of a human brain.

Through the research paper, scientists stated that due to inflammation in the brain, body starts to release less dopamine. Researchers stated that it is a counter action of the human brain so that it can save energy and heal itself.

While speaking to the press, Michael Treadway said that during wound healing human brain requires a mechanism for recalibration purpose. Michael Treadway further said that due to this process it is recommended not to be in a hyperactive stage at that time.

During one of his exclusive interviews, Michael Treadway conveyed the message that dopamine discharged in the brain gets hindered by immune system. He further said that body does such counter action so that it can provide space to the brain for proper calibration.

Dr. Andrew Miller said that if the theory about the connection between inflammation and lack of motivation is true then one can easily treats depression and many behavioral disorders. Dr. Miller further stated that due to this study scientists will be able to devise therapies which would focus on energy utilization done by body’s immunity.

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