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Gut Bacteria Holds Key To Drug Allergies—Study

There is nothing new about the fact that some drugs suit some people but not others; also some drugs can have side effects on some people but not others. Scientists have conducted using mouse and gut bacteria of human to look for its reasons.

Scientists have known for many years that gut bacteria helps in digestion. With the advancements in technology, it is now easier to take a closer look at the microbiome and know about its importance in disease and health.

At some point of time the gut bacteria were a vague topic of research. But now scientists are conducting studies to know more about it, one of them being that gut bacteria’s vital role in various diseases like Parkinson’s disease and other heart and anxiety diseases. Another study revealed that gut bacteria is capable of playing a role in drug metabolism as the drugs enter our body to reach our gut.

The microbiome is different in everyone’s body, so the main question is how these differences still affect the drugs we intake. Drug affects everyone differently and is mainly based on their diet, age and sex. A drug might be beneficial to one but could have opposite effects on the other. So, the scientists say that there might be a possibility that gut bacteria is responsible for this.

According to a latest research, a human body’s microbiome has 150 times more genes than the genome. They secrete a number of enzymes which might be a reason for the alteration of the drugs. The lead of this research from the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, CT, Andrew Goodman said that the molecular mechanism of these enzymes is still not known. In another research, the authors examined 76 gut bacteria to affected 271 drugs. They found that gut bacteria can metabolize about 176 drugs.

There is a possibility in future to alter the microbiomeaccording to the drug for desired results and reduced risks. But it will require a lot of research on the medical front.

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