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YouTube Ban Seems To Have Little Effect On Leading White Supremacists

It has been six days since YouTube declared a ban on supremacist content as well as the removal of videos denying well-acknowledged atrocities such as the Holocaust. However, this seems to have had no significant effect as accounts belonging to certain major spreaders of hate in the United States, like the white supremacist named Richard Spencer as well as the former leader of the KKK David Duke, are yet to be removed from the site.

In the past, YouTube has initiated action against the account of Duke. He uses this account to abuse what he terms as “Zio” media. Zio is Duke’s terminology for “Jewish”. He also uses this account to post inappropriate videos dispensing advice on avoiding shrunken testicles. YouTube has flagged these videos as “offensive” or “inappropriate” and sharing a well as posting of comments have been disabled from this channel. However, according to a spokesperson of YouTube, as told to CNN Business, these actions were taken before the much-publicized announcement by the company last week.

A major portion of the videos uploaded on the National Policy Institute’s account, which is a group of white supremacists that is run by Spencer, contain no content warnings. Moreover, most of these videos can be commented on as well as shared. Spencer had assisted the establishment of the infamous movement called alt-right. He also led the rally of uniting the Right in Charlottesville, in Virginia, back in August of 2017. The rally turned violent and caused a lot of injuries as well as the death of Heather Heyer who was a counter-protestor.

A video having content warning along with other restrictions portrays Spencer in a conversation with Maram Susli. She is a creator on YouTube, often called the “Syrian Girl,” and has made contributions to InfoWars, which is an eminent conspiracy site.

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