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Beware Of Strobe Lighting At Music Festivals: You May Fall A Victim To An Epileptic Fit

Researchers warned against strobe lighting placement at events like music festivals as they raise epileptic seizure risks. The research team stated that those without epilepsy may be affected as well. One 20-year old’s sudden collapse and consequent fit in a music festival, without any prior epilepsy history, prompted the study. Epilepsy Society maintained that festivals had to stick to recommended levels only.

Epilepsy is quite a dangerous brain condition, which has no age range and has many types. 3% of epileptic patients are photosensitive as well, which means seizures can be triggered by flicking or flashing patterns or lights. The HSE recommends a limit of 4Hz for strobe lighting in public events and clubs. EDM festivals were studied as they used strobe lighting. Medical care statistics were researched. Data of 400000 visitors to around 28 dance festivals in the Netherlands were checked. Over 241000 had strobe light exposure.

Strobe lighting events at night saw 30 people have seizures against 9 during the daytime. Headed by Salet of VUMC, multiple factors are present that could be an influence too. However, it is evident that strobe lighting, in nigh events at EDM festivals causes epileptic seizures. Anyone who had photosensitive epilepsy was advised to avoid EDM events or take measures like staying off the stage, away from drugs and getting ample sleep. They should also leave immediately upon experiencing aura effects.

Since most people do not know if they have epilepsy, the lighting can trigger this for their first time. However, those without such problems are safe. Clare Pelham, head of Epilepsy Society stated that with increasing dance festival events, organizers should warn visitors about the usage of strobe lighting, this way, they can make a decision not to attend if it isn’t safe enough for them. However, the best route would be if organizers responsibly reduced strobe lighting rates to recommended levels, this letting everyone have a great time.

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