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Lack Of Abatement Of The Ebola Epidemic Cause For Great Concern

The latest Ebola outbreak has been termed truly frightening by Wellcome Trust’s director, Dr. Farrar. Over 1400 people have passed away in DRC.2 people died in Uganda. It was a 5 year old and his grandmother aged 50. Six other cases have also been reported in Uganda. Dr. Farrar stated that many more cases can be expected. International and national responses are needed to stabilize the situation, aiding DRC in its fight.70% of the infected patients are dead since August 2018.

This is the 2nd biggest epidemic outbreak, lasting for 8+ months. The last time this happened, 11310 people died during 2013-2016 in Africa. Militia violence and unfavorable attitude towards medical assistance from foreign sources have hindered control efforts.200 medical facilities have, so far, been attacked his year, forcing delays in treatments or vaccinations. MSF had to stop its operations in 2 cities due to this. A boy of 5 years died in Uganda on Tuesday, due to Ebola.

The boy and his grandmother had traveled back from DRC. Upon exhibiting Ebola symptoms, he was hospitalized immediately. 50 people are confirmed to have made physical contact with the infected family.

It remains to be known how widespread the disease has become in Uganda. It is unknown if it has already spread out or is only restricted to the family traveling from DRC. Uganda is currently deploying Ebola vaccines, hoping that this will lower risks.

Although WHO has ruled this not to be a global emergency, it will reconvene on Friday to discuss the case. Eradicating the current outbreak could take 2 years, as per sources. To prevent its spread, mass gatherings have been banned. An RRT is on its way to find those at risk. Over 4,700 workers have already been vaccinated as per Ugandan officials and WHO. An IHR Committee meeting would be held on June 14 to decide if it has become a public emergency yet.

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